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Call of Duty: Ghosts
(Updated: December 24, 2013)
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Stop being a Fanboy

I will be honest. It took me a long time to work up the nerve to play this game, and it was partially because alot of my friends (whom are my usual COD clan mates) all swore up and down that this title was garbage, and on top of that the reviews were anything but great. So because I was so hesitant, I decided to rent it over the weekend so in the event I didn't like it, I wouldn't be blowing full price for a game.

Now let me just state that I have been with COD since COD even existed, and this franchise's multiplayer is generally what I will always be playing while i'm in between other game campaigns. So with that said, I can assume that COD fans are simply, afraid of change. This game was good, it wasn't great but it wasn't as horrible as everyone was making it out to seem.

The campaign was SUPERB. One of the best Call of Duty campaigns that I have ever played. Normally when I buy a new installment, I just go straight the the multiplayer because the campaigns are usually a mess and Id rather play with other people anyway. Well I was about to do the same thing with this game and go straight to extinction mode. Well Infinity Ward made a great move forcing you to play the campaign as extinction mode isn't activated until you play through the first mission. So I did just that, and I was so hooked into the gameplay and story line that I did not stop playing until the campaign was completed. Now for alot of gamers to be very ballsy and flat out say that this game 'sucked' after knowing how great of a story this game produced, would leave me to only think that they are focusing on the negatives of Multiplayer, so lets move on to that.

Right off the bat I noticed alot of game modes that fans have grown to love were removed including demolition and capture the flag. Of course they were replaced with shiny new game modes, but again this is where I can only assume that most COD fans are indeed afraid of change. I have heard countless times from non-fans that the COD franchise is always 'the same' and at times the game play is 'too easy' and I completely agree with this.

Cranked - This game mode is an obvious spin-off of the movie "Crank" with Jason Statham. The game mode is pretty straight forward. Once you get your initial kill, a count down timer will begin. During this count down you will need to kill someone to add more time to your count down and be rewarded with perks for doing so. Failing to kill someone during your 30 second timer will result in you blowing up. This is what I like to call the "anti camping mode"

Blitz- This mode is very similar to Capture the Flag. Enemy zones include certain goal area. Touching the opponent's goal scores a point and begins a cool-down period, after which a goal may be touched again by teammates. Thus, teams may linger in hostile territory, scoring points again and again so long as they can hold territory around a goal. This game mode requires communication with your team mates in order for you to win.

Infected - Only a true Call of Duty fan will recognize this game mode. From the early days of playing MW2, gamers created their own makeshift modes using hacks an one of the most popular game modes hacker created was called "Michael Myers. One player is randomly selected to be a 'zombie' type of character only armed with a knife. The objective is to slash your opponents in order to spread the infection. The idea is to survive until the game timer runs out, and it can get pretty intense when your the only remaining solider running away from a swarm of insane players. This is living proof of game developers listening to fans to create a game mode that they are interested in.

Hunted - In this variant, players will start with limited equipment. In order to obtain more, you must control drop zones, where new things are periodically dropped for you to use. This is similar to the "Sharpshooter" wager matches in the previous games where you may or may not get a shitty weapon to use.

Search and Rescue - This is just like Search and destroy except when you are killed, you drop a dog tag. If your team mate is able to retrieve your dog tag you will be revived instantly. I like to refer to this game mode as the "Anti-repetitive gamer" Forcing those snipers who like to shoot from the same stationary spot 'every game' to rethink their strategy.

Extinction mode: I LOVED nazi zombies but at the same time I am excited to see the franchise take this game in a different direction. Can aliens be the next best thing? This mode is really fast paced at times can be very hard to play. I cant really compare this to the zombies game mode because its a completely different style of game play. I will however say that its going to be difficult to 'camp out' to rack up those survival rounds in this game. These aliens are tough. I am however a little bit bummed that it only game with one map or mission. I'm use to getting 2 separate maps at launch, and having a mode as crazy as this will only want you to jump right back in the game and try again. Doing this about 20 times with the same scenery can get boring though.

I do want to acknowledge that I have been hearing from alot of people that this game was nothing but 'instant death' and I have to differ. This game has alot more clan based focus and with the new game modes in place I think it forces players to have more clan/team communication with each other. If you are a run and gun type of person, Call of Duty: Ghosts may not be for you as strategy and stealth is key to winning matches.

Overall this is a really great game and I am most likely going to add it to my permanent collection. For years fans have been mocked for basically playing "the same game" every time a new installment is released. Yet once Activision puts out something different on the market, everyone loses their minds! As a video game consumer I think gamers should have more value for the money in their pocket and encourage change in the aging Call of duty franchise. If there will be a Black Ops 3 or a MW4, do you think they are going to have the same repetitive gameplay styles? Activision is running out of ideas to prolong the same gameplay style that we have grown accustomed to and I applaud them for changing it up. Repeat after me...Change. Is. Good.

Pros and Cons

Improved HUD
Robust class system
Greater clan focus
No theater mode
Maps too large, nothing for close combat weapons
Overly complex and may be a learning curve for some
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