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Killzone: Shadow Fall
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Killzone Shadow Fall Review

Ok let me admit right off the bat that I am not a Killzone fan at all. I will be fully honest and say that I thought the first game in the series on Playstation 2 sucked, but I still picked up Killzone 2 on the Playstation 3 when it was released. I think I got caught up in the hype. Anyway the game was average at best to me. I skipped Killzone 3 totally, but I found myself when I pre ordered the Playstation 4 having to get the bundle that came with Killzone Shadow Fall. I had pretty much zero interest in this game, but as it was included with my console I gave it a blast and I was very surprised.

Now I went into this game blind. I had seen a few previews before hand, but when I was looking at Playstation 4 videos before the console was released, Killzone Shadow Fall was not a game I was interested in. So when I fired the game up the first thing that I was amazed by was the incredible graphics. There is no way in hell this game could have been done on the Playstation 3. Many people went as far to say that Killzone Shadow Fall was the best looking game out of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One launch.

It's not one thing that you could point at and say looks amazing. Its more the little things that all add up to make this world truly seem alive, but there is one thing that takes away from the gorgeous graphics of Killzone Shadow Fall, and that is the facial animations. The game has some amazing looking character models, but the facial animations really do let them down, and kind of take you out of the moment when you are getting invested in the story.

Now for the story despite not being interested in the previous games I was caught up really quickly. Killzone Shadow Fall does not mess around, and gets straight into it, but it does it in a way that new players to the series are not left out. The story I felt was ok. You play the role of Lucas Kellin who at a young age sees his father murdered by the Helghast. The Helghast live on one side of the planet and Lucas and his fellow Vektans live on the other. Tensions are sky high and when he grows up Lucas becomes a Shadow Marshal and he is sent in to Helghast territory to find out what the hell is going on in there. The story blurs the lines of who is really the good guys and who is really the villains. I have heard some criticisms about the story, but I actually cared about this sci-fi intergalactic civil war, and I was interested in what happened.

The game play is pretty solid. There is no auto aim so it can take a while to get used to. I found myself having to turn the difficulty down a level pretty early one, but once I got used to the way you shoot I was taking down the enemy in some pretty cool and brutal ways. The game has a fairly lengthy single player campaign, and it also has a very active online scene as well. The game uses the touch pad on the Dual Shock controller to control your Owl which is a drone weapon, and pretty cool I might add.

I think that overall Killzone Shadow Fall was a great launch title for the Playstation 4. I am not sure about long term fans of the series, but it certainly has won me over enough that when the inevitable sequel is announced I will be interested that is for sure.

Pros and Cons

Great Graphics
Inserting Sci-Fi Story
Fun Use Of Touch Pad
No Auto Aim
Active Multi Player Scene
Poor Facial Animations
No Auto Aim Can Take A While To Get Used To
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