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(Updated: September 14, 2015)
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In the last year or so there has been one gaming genre that is slowly making it’s rise back into our homes, I’m talking about couch co-op games. Let’s face it anyone who has a video game console is connected to the internet so long gone have been the days of friends coming over with their controllers to sit down on your couch and just play some games, but with Paperbound it’s time to invite those friends back over so you can all sit down and brawl it out in some fast-paced gravity defying action. And while local multiplayer in games is still something of a nice bonus feature to games it’s tough to justify having that be your only means of playing a game with non-AI players, and while Paperbound is fun and enjoyable what does this mean when no one is around to play?

First off, let me say that this game is very fast paced, to the point where you can die a few times in a row in a matter of seconds and not really see it coming. There are three main ways you can attack your enemies, either by a standard melee attack, by throwing projectiles and of course it wouldn't be fun if you didn't have some bombs (ink bombs to be exact) at your disposal. The main bread and butter of the combats gameplay is that you can bend and manipulate gravity how you see fit for your character, doing so can help you perfectly dodge an attack or get the upperhand on an unsuspecting enemy. Other than that there isn't really much to the gameplay but that doesn't mean that it's easy to master as timing and your reaction speed play a key role in winning a match.

Like I said before Paperbound is a local arena multiplayer game and has a small list of game mode options. While there is an option to face off against one or more (up to 3 total) the game is far more enjoyable if you can wrangle up 3 of your friends to play with. There are however four game modes that you can play that are all similar except for one, Classic Versus, Survival, Long Live the King, and Capture the Quill which is a play on Capture the Flag. Another good thing is that all of these modes can be played wither in a 4-person free-for-all or you can pick teams and battle it out 2v2. Classic Versus really doesn't need an explanation and Survival mode just means everyone has a set number of lives and the last one standing wins. Long Live the King is probably one of the more fun modes to play, as the "King" earns points while being hunted and the player who kills the king becomes the new king. And Capture the Quill is a game mode that honestly is only fun with 3 other friends playing, as bots aren't usually the best to include in the matches.

What really makes Paperbound stand out in the local arena multiplayer genre is it’s visual styles, the game really goes for this storybook tone and theme, which honestly makes sense given the name and character designs. The levels look very “drawn” in a sense that as it might be sad to say maybe more time was spent on designing and creating the levels than it was used on fine tuning the gameplay and maybe adding more depth to the game in the forms of a story mode or something along those lines. Regardless, the game still looked good at least.

If you take Paperbound for what it is, a game to just sit down with your friends and have a damn good and exciting time playing than you got your money worth with it. It's refreshing to play such a unique arena combat game and it's visuals as I previously stated are charming and really add to how much you can enjoy and appreciate this game. And with a $9.99 price tag for Paperbound you can't go wrong, so I strongly suggest you pick this game up and give it a chance.

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