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We all appreciate every single one of you being here! Encouraging growth and acceptance through interaction and communication is our goal!  It doesn't matter if you're big or small, we just want you all to have a good time, be successful, and grow with each other.


• No Racism or Hate speech
• No excessive spamming
• No NSFW spam, images or content(porn, gore, etc)
• No concussions of practices that go against Twitch/Hitbox/Youtube terms of service (View boting, for example)
• No stream link spam (or blatant promotion)
• No 'jokes' or remarks about rape, its not funny.
• No personal information, addresses, phone numbers
• Don't harrass, bully, or excessively message other Savages. All reports of this will be reviewed and may result in removal
• No creating drama, problems, or unessesary arguments. Banter is fine, but otherwise It won't be tolerated.
• No joking or discussing illegal activities
• Be RESPECTFUL All Rules & FAQ are subject to change. Failure to abide could result in a time out or ban. If you have any questions or concerns, contact an Admin or Mod.

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