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Hey guys!

I decided to stop by and announce a few major changes to -some more obvious than non. I apologize for the length of this thread but I wanted to start from the beginning.
I started SG a few years ago with the intent to create a social community that catered to 'hardcore' gamers specifically. I was young and naive and quickly realized that created a very small, SMALL, niche that allot of visitors felt excluded from (which was definitely not my intent)

Flash forward a few years, after having this site in limbo logo and video intro for the site seemed to popup on dozens of 'savage gamers' clan websites, and it became very clear that my original vision was essentially hijacked by other people. Which in turn, made me more frustrated and discouraged to not want to do anything with this damn site.

So whats changing and whats the purpose of this announcement?

I grew up.

No seriously, I'm going to be 29 this year! And with that comes the idea that I do NOT want to be stuck at a dead end job that I dread going to every day. I want to finally start working towards my dream and as cliche as it sounds, being a twitch streamer sounds like the best route to go. Its something that I'm passionate about and for people to tell me I have this vivacious personality, only to be wasted at a desk job...just isn't cutting it for me anymore.

So whats changing? I was basically withering away in an endless pit of depression. I didn't have a hobby or an outlet to channel my feelings and I was miserable all the time. So 3 weeks ago, I was poked, prodded and continuously pushed to start streaming on Twitch (by a close friend). And as of a few days ago, I became a Twitch Affiliate.

In less than 2 weeks, I became a fucking Twitch Affiliate.

I know that may not seem like much, compared to the HUGE partnered channels. But it means allot to me, for someone that has suffered from depression and not being able to find an ounce of motivation to do anything.

So, without further delay - is officially a hub for new/smaller Twitch streamers to get their name out there. I made it to affiliate and so can you. Together, we are both going to get to partnered status. I have allot of changes planned for the site, so things are going to change drastically over the course of a few weeks, starting with the KREWS...gone..NO MORE. we are going to have one central hub for communication in the forums. I may introduce an official Discord Channel, just trying to work out the kinks and really determine if we need that in addition to a discord. Of course im always open to suggestions.

BRANDING...we have a new logo! and our video intro is going to be updated soon as well, (you can see it at the bottom of this page) I cant work towards a new goal, with others already mooching off my ideas. So im abandoning the old emblem (Saints row vibe) and going with the logo you see now.

Some other things I have planned:

* FREE Twitch overlays
* FREE Youtube graphics
* FREE Stream giveaways

That's all for now folks! Keep continuing to watch this space for more announcements!

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