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Cosplay Tuesday: Snake Cosplay Is Too Badass For Words

Cosplay Tuesday: Snake Cosplay Is Too Badass For Words

Cosplay TuesdayCosplay Tuesday  
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Every now and then I will encounter a Cosplay that will leave my jaw dropped with a loss for words, and this is one of those moments.

Rick Boer at RBF.Productions.NL has done an insane job cosplaying Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. When I saw these photos I didn't want to play MGS, I was praying that somehow the game would manifest into reality so I could go on my own action packed adventures. These are one of many cases where a cosplayer will make you feel like a video game is real. 

And I will be honest - Its awesome that a man can pull off a spot on costume, get tons of recognition AND be considered eye candy! Its refreshing to let women have something to gawk at in a craft where women usually get all the attention. But before you ladies start clawing your way through your computer screens, I should inform you that he is happily married to his beautiful wife, Dominique. (who also does an amazing job cosplaying as "Aveline" from Assassin's Creed III Liberation) 

SAVAGE:Why did you decide to cosplay as snake, rather than any other MGS  characters? "I decided to cosplay Snake mostly because of the story that goes with him. Metal Gear Solid is an incredible story and it is carried mostly by the Snakes. I wanted to do something like... an homage to that story by trying to portray Snake as good as possible. ( and that is not entirely done yet. I'm going back to Snake to perfect him)"

SAVAGE: You did such an excellent job on this cosplay, is it safe to say its your favorite game franchise?  "I believe MGS is my favorite franchise, yes. There's quite a few franchises that I really like, but MGS packs a punch, again, mostly due to the story."

SAVAGE: Did you expect to get as much hype and positive feedback about this cosplay as you did? "I never expected the positive reception of this particular cosplay by so many people (David Hayter included). Snake was like an "in between"project for myself. That makes all the more special that so many people really like the portrayal that I did of him. Thanks everyone!!!"

We hope that Rick will grace us with his presence on Savage Gamers in the future, in the mean time you can see more of Rick’s awesome cosplay at his his DeviantArt. 


Photos courtesy of Merdahn.com Photography


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