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Cosplay Tuesday: Pepper Potts is ready for action

Cosplay Tuesday: Pepper Potts is ready for action

Cosplay TuesdayCosplay Tuesday  
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This week for Cosplay Tuesday we are featuring Costa Rican Cosplayer, Angela Bermudez. Virginia "Pepper" Potts was originally the executive assistant to Anthony Stark, or better known as Iron Man, with whom she has been romantically involved with.

In the comics, Tony makes Pepper her own suit and she is called Rescue to which she used the suit for a time before she later destroyed it, ending her superhero career. The rescue suit almost made it in the movie: Iron Man 2 and although the Rescue armor did not appear in Iron Man 3, Pepper does briefly wear the Iron Man suit as a reference to it. She even protects Tony from falling debris, declaring "I rescued you". How Sweet!

Angela has done an amazing job constructing her own Rescue armour and even jokes at how many times people mistake this cosplay for a "Sexy Iron Man"

that s enough of that by angelabermudez-d6ktkze

this is pepper potts  can you hear me  by angelabermudez-d6kvua4

you complete me by angelabermudez-d6k71vi

To check out More of Angela's Cosplays as well as her art, (yes, did we mention she also does amazing video game art?) visit her deviantart or Facebook page.


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