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Cosplay Tuesday: Liara Cosplay is out of this world

Cosplay Tuesday: Liara Cosplay is out of this world

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Without much debate, gaming critics would easily consider Mass Effect to be one of the best gaming series ever released. With its compelling story line, unique decision making gameplay, and beautifully done graphics - you cant help but fall in love with this game and its characters. 

Australian cosplayer, Sal from Soylent-Cosplay has done an out of this world job, with paying homage to one of the most iconic characters in the series. 

Dr. Liara T'Soni is an Asari researcher born on her home-world of Thessia in the year 2077. She has spent the past fifty years of her life studying Prothean technology and culture, specializing in the Prothean extinction. Oh and did I mention Liara is only 106 years old? Before you start researching what age defying beauty product Liara is using, I should mention that in Asari, 106 makes her slightly older than a child!


SAVAGE: How long did it take you to apply the makeup?: "It took around 3 hours, with the painting and latex."

SAVAGE: Why did you decide to cosplay as Liara?: "I'm a huge fan of the Mass Effect series and the asari. :) I'm also very fond of Liara as a character. I didn't actually think I looked anything like her when I started this, I just wanted to show my love for the series the best way I knew how. But apparently I do look a little like her. It was seriously a surprise to me, but a pleasant one! :) "

To see more of Sal and her cosplay, visit her deviantart page. 



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