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Cosplay Tuesday: Juri Han Is a Force to be Reckoned With

Cosplay Tuesday: Juri Han Is a Force to be Reckoned With

Cosplay TuesdayCosplay Tuesday  
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Cosplay and video games go hand in hand. For ever game title that pops up, you are bound to find hundreds of dedicated fans that will construct elaborate costume replicas, in hopes of bringing these game characters to life. And in some cases you may be astonished as to the dedication these men and women go through to make their Cosplay as accurate (or original) as possible. We've tracked down the most out-of-this-world Cosplayers to showcase on Savage Gamers, so lets kick it off with this weeks feature:

In almost every versus video game, there is always that one character that is mischievous, crazy and extremely entertaining to play. Juri Han from Street Fighter is that character. Juri fights just for the thrill of the battle and will destroy anything in her path. She has no regard for her foes or her allies alike, sometimes using them as her own personal pawns. (Sounds like my kinda girl!)


Hailing from Russia, Taori has managed to create a jaw-dropping replica of Juri Han. Everything from her outfit, to the hair and makeup is detailed and spot-on. Taori and photographer Svetlana Nekrasova, have teamed up to deliverer some bad-ass eye candy of Juri.

Taori claims that she is not a professional Cosplayer, and that she crafts her costumes just for fun. But after viewing her other creations on deviantart, you cant help but think this Cosplayer is a professional in disguise and a force to be reckoned with.


Photography by Svetlana Nekrasova


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