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Gonna be streaming Jak 2 today come and say hi

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DCGamerX2099 replied to Introduce your channel! 1 year ago

Hi. My names Darian a.k.a DCGamerX. I'am 25 years old currently in colege for Game arts & design going for masters. I've started gaming since 1993 (I was 3 years old then) Fell in love with gaming since. Schedule: I stream every day around 2-6pm...

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GodOfWhore started a new discussion 2 years ago

Youtube Live?

has anyone used Youtube live yet? How does it differ from twitch and has anyone permanently switched over?


Created a new twitch channel at going to try to stream much more often

Loading content, please wait. It's MMO Monday if Dragomon Hunter can get its crap together!

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SavageGamers started a new discussion 2 years ago

Introduce your channel!

Introduce your channel here! An introduction profile will allow you to appear on the public introduction database to help get your name out there more. Posts with minimal effort WILL BE REMOVED and your entery will be rejected. Please try to put...

SavageGamers started a new discussion 2 years ago

Get Branded! Find a designer for your channel!

Post here if you are looking to do work for people. Don't post here saying "I need a graphic designer" Post your portfolio, links and anything else pertaining to Graphic designing for Twitch or Hitbox. Please include if you will work for free, or...

SavageGamers posted a new announcement2 years ago

Connect your Live Stream to your Savage profile

Under the green user drop down menu select "link live stream" On this page you will select either Hitbox or Twitch for you streaming service. Next, input your ID (hitbox or twitch username) into the text box provided. NOTE: you may only add one...


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