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Gamers Retreat

Gamers Retreat

This is a place to talk about any games (ALL PLATFORMS FRIENDLY) and other random crap


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  • ✯ This is a place to talk about any games (ALL PLATFORMS FRIENDLY) and other random crap.

    With that said, few rules do apply:

    1. No porn (real, cartoon or hentai).
    2. No posting offensive pics of a fellow member or an admin or their family members. This includes memes. Unless they are cool with it.
    3. No spamming of any kind, it will result in a permaban on the first offense.
    4. No nudity. 
    5. Do not post personal information in the group.
    6. Worship our group! This is a community and NOT everyone for themselves!
    7. Do not post links to other groups or pages without admin permission. This also results in a permaban on the first offense.
    8. If you block an admin, it will result in instaban.
    9. No bashing about the group or the admins. If you don’t like it here: leave. 
    11. Talking back to, or disrespecting admins = Permaban on a1st offense - No warnings!
    12. Trolling is encouraged. Bullying absolutely NOT. 
    13. Stitches for snitches. 
    14. This is a 18ys+ group. Anyone under 18 will be banned. 
    15. Racism and Religion. Both subjects that could result in massive group drama: AVOID!
    16. Please although this group is an all-topics friendly, try to keep it enjoyable.
    17. Absolutely no whining about admins on the wall. If you have any problems, contact the admins privately. 
    18. Group wars: Please keep us out from other group/s drama. 
    ✯ Have fun! These guidelines are in place to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome.
    ✯ Please if you have any problems with a fellow member, remember that you can block and/or report that person to admins 
    ✯ Disclaimer: This group is NOT suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised 
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