The Last of Us: How you and your group can stay healthy

September 09, 2015  
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If you haven’t already experienced The Last of Us, it’s either one of a few issues. One issue could be you can’t afford a PlayStation 3, which is a decent excuse except the PS3 is much cheaper than it originally was. Another could be you have a PS3 yet don’t want to experience a gripping story and what can be a gruesome game because, you’re too frightened. Yes, there are a few jump scares and moments when you beg the clickers won’t hear you but eventually, you’re screwed. Single player is intense and can often make you rethink of deciding to execute a runner or clicker, mainly because there’s about fifteen more roaming around. Just like single player, you can’t play multiplayer thinking you don’t need your teammates because you honestly do. I’m sure we all have moments when we pick a new game to play and when we jump into multiplayer for the first time we think it can be pretty simple. This is not the case with The Last of Us. I have been playing this game for a few months now and I still have to admit, I suck in it. Not only do I get frustrated when I try extremely hard to work as a team player, but it can get irritating attempting to maintain your group throughout the entire multiplayer gameplay. Here are a few tips to keep not just you alive, but your camp as well.

Teamwork can always be a good thing.

This game isn’t meant for you to run off on your own and take on the entire team. Everyone has to put some effort in spotting other players and traps, watching another player’s back while they revive a downed teammate, and many other issues. You have no idea how tiring it is playing this game and trying to give a heads up to another player, and no matter how many times I shout “Don’t turn that corner!” they turn and get blasted by an assault rifle. Yes, I know there are numerous matches where you’ll get some obnoxious child or someone blasting music. We all hate that but there are three other players who need your help! If everyone sticks together and learns how to communicate, you can expect less deaths in your camps and more enjoyment. Even if no one is speaking in the game, attempt to make contact because you never know when you’re going to need assistant.


Oh no another Firefly attack, what shall I do?

Throughout the weeks in multiplayer, there will challenges modes that will either take your entire camp out or you’ll need to save a group of survivors from dying. Always try to pick a challenge you know are capable of completing. If you don’t revive players because you think you’re better than them, then don’t choose that. Instead, choose one that you’re comfortable with and stick with that throughout the weeks. Although it may seem ridiculous getting twenty-five downs with one of the weapons (well, at least for me it does) try to pace yourself within the three days you need to complete it. If you’ve been sticking with one type of challenge for a specific weapon, perhaps you should pick a new type that needs less downs. Remember, if you don’t get grenade kills due to the fact you have no idea how to place them and are killing yourself, please don’t choose that challenge.


Feed us…please?

I have a horrible tendency of forgetting that I need supplies in order for my camp to survive. So instead of getting frustrated at the game, blame yourself for forgetting about the innocent lives in your camps! When you take down enemies and decide to either execute them from afar or smash their face into the ground, always remember to retrieve their supplies (in case you miss it, it’s blue, the symbol is a barrel, and it’s right next to the killed enemy…you’re welcome). You even get supplies when spotting enemies, reviving teammates, healing them, trading tools, and other ways to keep your camp comfy while you’re hunting other players. Even if your team loses the match, which can happen numerous times, by having the amount or more to keep the supplies from running low, they’ll stay alive! There will be times when you either fail a challenge or didn’t get enough supplies. Don’t get discouraged by that but try to maintain the amount of supplies you need. Fair warning though: the longer your camp stays alive and healthy, the more survivors will join in, resulting in more hungry mouths to feed. Or you can always decide to kill them all and just restart but I don’t think you’re capable of that…right?


These are just a few tips to keep you alive within the game and to keep your survivors healthy, until you get tired of constantly resupplying them. When your teammates don’t wish to speak out loud or they’re being rude, always stick together with your team because trying to pull off a Master Chief and finishing the fight alone will result in a loss. Furthermore, remember to choose challenges you know are capable of completing. If you follow these steps, you’ll most likely be enjoying the game more often. If not, prepare yourself for lots of deaths and matches that will most likely make you scream like a child.

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