Recommend Mission Abort? Nonsense, go for the Challenge!

September 09, 2015  
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Throughout my life, I have played video games, investing numerous hours, especially spending time getting achievements on the Xbox 360. Playing videos games is a hobby of mine; I enjoy Role Playing Games, First Person Shooters, Action/Adventure, and other genres. When I was younger, and I’m sure other players would do the same, I would choose easy or normal difficulty, to get a taste of what’s to be expected. With those achieved, I would venture on hard, with the immediate result of rage quitting. It’s sad and that still occurs today with me. If you’re tired of playing games that seem to be too easy and want to take a challenge, here are a few that offer unique difficulties and situations that may make your head spin off. Good luck folks.

Fallout: New Vegas-Hardcore Mode


            You can play this game on normal, allowing you to heal limbs with stimpaks, carry as much ammo as your little heart desires, be an insomniac, and other aspects that’ll keep you craving for more ghouls to obliterate. Instead, players who choose hardcore mode will find themselves in rough situations. Stimpaks don’t heal your limbs; only doctor bags, sleeping in specific beds, using auto-doc or hydras. Now your pockets can’t hold as much ammo due to it having weight. Rather have your character drink nuka-cola for the rest of their journey through the Mojave Desert? You might want to reconsider that since keeping your character hydrated on water is necessary to his/her survival, unless you want them to suffer effects, such as death. I found myself shooting companions (accidently…sort of) whenever I was in firefights. You’ll miss them because if you presume they’ll just be unconscious in hardcore mode, they are permanently removed from gameplay. Just keep that in mind when you want to shoot Boone in the face when your strategy is to stealthy dispatch enemies and he’s blasting them away with his sniper rifle.

Dead Space 2-Hard Core mode


            New Vegas’s hardcore mode is nowhere near as difficult as what you’ll discover in Dead Space 2. I’m lucky I got pass this game on normal mode. I couldn’t play it without my aim getting atrocious throughout the chapters, running away, praying the necromorphs can’t find me, and playing thirty minutes a day. If you think you can handle hard core mode, get ready for frustrating moments. Remember those trusty checkpoints? They’re gone. Did you love saving? Well, you can only save three times. Yes, I said three times. Carry as much ammo and supplies as you can because it’s extremely scarce. Enemies are as twice as difficult so work on your aim and upgrading your weapons whenever you can. Should you choose to accept this challenge and actually defeat it, you’ll be awarded with an interesting yet incredibly powerful weapon. Remember kids: if you fail, keep trying until-yeah just good luck in this mode.



I played this game for maybe five, ten minutes at my friend’s house. We just located a bolt-action rifle and he told me “I’ll be right back, start exploring and finding more supplies.” I couldn’t move. I stood in a corner because I didn’t want to lose what we had. It was embarrassing but I didn’t want to restart our “adventure”. Just be prepared to feel as if you’re in an actual zombie apocalypse. Getting slashed by zombies or weapons from players will make you bleed out, and if this isn’t fixed in time your character’s vision begins viewing the world in black and white. Falling in certain ways can break your bones, and if you’re deciding walking it off is the best solution guess again because your character will die. Dehydration can occur and you can find yourself actually fainting if you don’t stay hydrated. Be careful who you trust in this game too, because if you’re not in a server with friends, be ready for backstabs and recurring moments of you being forced to surrender supplies. Once your character falls to his/her demise you’ll have to restart everything you worked on. Doesn’t this sound amusing?

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Misery Mod


            If you thought S.T.A.L.K.E.R. was exhausting enough, don’t worry, you’ll feel it in the first few moments of the misery mod. I wouldn’t recommend playing this if you’re inexperienced with this game. Anomalies, deadly oddities, are now more vigorous. Weapons in good condition are less likely to be found and ammunition is extremely scarce. No longer can zombies die from shots to any body parts but only through the head, spine, or heart. You must have the correct silencer for your weapon as there are no more universal silencers. If you remember what bloodsuckers are, they no longer breathe heavily when they are invisible. Food consumed does not heal and bandages only stop bleeding. If you’ve dealt with this game before and feel as if you’re an expert, then take a journey into something that will make you feel uneasy and often enraged.

My list could’ve been lengthier, but these are a few that will intrigue players. I would say the misery mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is the best choice if you’ve dealt with games that have similar irritation. DayZ isn’t just agitating to keep your character alive from sickness and zombies but also from other players in your server. Don’t get too frustrated and throw controllers on the ground; if you’re getting too weary from them, take breaks and get your stress down with a little Pokemon (it’ll work...not that I’ve done it). What games do you see as challenging? Comment below and share some that kept your heart racing and possibly coming out of your chest.


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