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August 10, 2016  
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New York Comic-Con has been a part of my life for the past four years, soon to be five. My experience there changes each year, meeting old and new faces, and even some celebrities. I will never forget the moment I met Blair Butler, who previously worked for X-play  and Attack of the Show, asking me to do a short video about cosplayers. Jason Mewes hosted the interview, asking myself and another man dressed as Wonder Woman who wore it best. I tried my best but I couldn't pull it off; as you can tell in the cover photo, he clearly won. As my girlfriend tells me, I am a attention seeker…which may be true; after all I did dress as Wonder Woman my first year (I will have pictures below the page). If you haven’t experienced Comic-Con yet (or was not able to get your tickets due to their beautiful queue system for the past two years) here are a few things you’ll be missing out on.

The Javits Center: Home to the Nerds  

  New York Comic-Con has been growing each year, with thousands of comic-book readers, gamers, cosplayers, and many more nerds joining the four day adventure. The first time I walked into the Javits Center, I was completely stunned by how large the place was. I had no idea where to even begin. There was cosplayers left and right, most dressed in costumes I didn't recognize. I love walking around and taking pictures with everyone I can. I haven't ventured in the panels holding cast members from t.v. shows/ movies yet, but I have taking a few...interesting poses with some actors/writers. You'll never be bored in this place; every few steps you take, you'll find something new to explore.

Well...I do get with Batman...right?

The Cosplayers

  What killed the Dinosaurs? The Iceage!!!I love being in costume (as you can see) every year at Comic-Con. I will girlfriend is right, I love when people ask for my photo. I have an amazing time when I have to stop to "strike a pose." Last year was fantastic; I was the Nurse Joker, and no one knew about my plastic knife I had hidden in my hand. I would have my thumb holding the blade in the holster and when it was time for the Joker to shine, I let go of the blade, having it pop out. The victims-I mean photographers' faces were indeed priceless. You'll be taken away by the folks who make all of their costumes from scratch, such as the man I'm posed with as Mr. Freeze. If I had the patience and time, I would be able to create my own costume one year. I will say that my dad actually helped make styrofoam breast for me when I was Wonder-Woman. Thank God my parents get into this with me. Explore the Javits center and you'll definitely run into your favorite hero and/or villain.

Comics and gear-buy all the comics!!!

     Save your money folks, because you will find sections on every floor selling comics and other gifts for discounted prices. I found a couple myself, getting a graphic novel for fifteen dollars when it's usually thirty-five. Besides great deals on comics, there's accessories, t-shirts, pants, toys, games, and anything you can think of nerdy to can find! Midtown Comics has a small section for themselves and there's always employees giving out coupons. Each year I spend a decent amount of cash, but I come home with a great grin on my face. Oh, did I mention there are tons of things that are free? I was able to get a free t-shirt, poster, bag, and some other accessories throughout the days. If you see something free, get your hands on it!!!!!

You can easily afford this bad-boy we come!

This lovely mermanlady is a genius You will find an abundance of actors/actresses, voice actors, writers, and directors at NYCC each year. I had the chance to meet a few, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Blair Herter, and Kristin Bauer from True Blood. My cousin was lucky enough to meet Stephen Amell from Arrow. You, too can meet these names and many more in panels and events throughout the day. If you do decide to stay in the theaters, be warned, once you leave the room, you will not be able to come back in. I tried desperately to meet the cast from The Walking Dead but the line was a bit crowded and I was having too much fun taking pictures anyways. You can also go on the NYCC website to see what celebrities come each year and where they will be stationed at. I had the chance to meet an amazing writer named Jerome Walford. He has written Nowhere Man, about a character who has a split personality disorder, becoming a government agent with unbelievable power. It's worth a read! Jerome was very nice and took pictures with me (hopefully I didn't scare him away for the next event).


Come Join the fun!!!!!!!

I love Comic-Con and every year brings more laughs and memorable moments. Well, minus the ridiculous queue that has tortured us, making it difficult to get tickets nowadays. There is hope, as you can stop by Midtown Comics near Times Square and get your tickets but do this quickly; you might have to wait outside for a few hours the day they go on sale. Hopefully they will make it easy for newcomers to take a wild, nerdy journey for four days. Take a few days off in October and let the nerd out!!! Here are a few more pictures I took:


 Kill the batman...completed  He has nothing on The Demon Head



Blair Butler!!!! here you can find Nowhere Man

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