Chief and Locke...not good friends I guess?

September 09, 2015  
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Halo 5: Guardians: Hero or Foe?

What we saw during The Walking Dead Season finale was two live-action clips of Agent Locke and Master Chief bashing one another on a colony that seems to have been utterly destroyed. The trailers included a date for us to get our hands on the game, October 27th. The hash-tag “HUNTtheTRUTH” began with a small teaser clip of a bullet shredding the Master Chief’s face mask into a billion pieces. If you slow down the video it shows numerous words on the bullet, ranging between “savior” and “hero” to “traitor”. Let’s break down some key points in the latest trailer.

Agent Locke-Let’s all hail the conquering Hero.


From Locke’s point of view, he appears frustrated with the Chief, mocking him with the phrase “all hail the conquering hero”. Locke walks out into a field of destruction, with the world around him engulfed in fire. If you notice in the first few seconds, you can see what appears to be the UNSC Infinity badly damaged in the background. Directly in front of Locke is a statue of the Chief. Well at least that’s still standing (thank Jesus). He walks out and starts rambling on how beautiful Master Chief's eyes are, how jealous he is of his grip on the DMR-I mean he starts going on a tangent on how the once believed hero has turned against the world. “Let us remember him as our protector and not the one who gave us…this” (he’s obviously talking about the statue). He calls him a betrayer and while looking at the statue says “let us remember him as you and not as you”. He’s now looking at a badly damaged Chief, whose shoulder armor has been completely removed in a firefight that happened most likely a few moments ago.





He drops his rifle into a puddle and pulls out a pistol, ready to execute the Chief. What has Locke so angry? Another curious thing is he drops a DMR but his HUD visor shows a battle rifle. Does this mean what we’re seeing is false?



 I previously wrote how Spartan 117 could have found out ONI/UNSC put a hit out on Halsey and he wants to find the truth of the matter, hence “HUNTtheTRUTH”. This will then lead to a match between the two as Locke could have received false information from his commanders as to why the Chief has gone AWOL.

Master Chief-Damn right all hail me

I was not expecting a second trailer, showing the Master Chief’s perspective. It’s in the same area, only this time we find a severely damaged Locke near the statue. Now…that’s how it should be. It’s the Master Chief’s time to dish out some hate on Locke, beginning with “This…is this what you wanted? Is this, what you’re looking for?” Again we see the Infinity damaged in the sky. 

Chief walks up to Locke, with his visor blinking rapidly, holding his stomach. Chief pulls out his pistol and steadily walks over to say “You’ve completed your mission, Spartan Locke. Mine, is just beginning.” Based on these trailers, could we be seeing choices being added in this franchise?


Could there be a moment, identical to these two videos, where the player has the option of killing off one character? I know it was stated the two characters are both available to play, but do you play as only one throughout the campaign or will it be similar to Halo 2, switching between the Arbiter and Chief? I continue to be impressed and this game seems to be going into a dark journey, darker than any Halo game we've played so far. Both characters explain about one another being a betrayer and compromise. Who did what exactly? Is it up to the audience/players to understand what the truth actually is? What if this is a hoax, that neither of them will be hunting each other but are in fact the ones being hunted? Could ONI be trying to remove the Master Chief and Locke is trying to save him? I believe what we observed yesterday are two soldiers who are dedicated to hunting separate truths. Another curious question that comes to mine is who exactly caused the havoc on the planet? Was it the UNSC? The Arbiter? Did Locke carelessly bombard the planet to kill the Chief or was it the Chief who created this mess? I’m not sure what to believe but if it comes down to a grueling match between the two, I’m betting on the Arbiter to jump down and kill everyone-did I say kill? I mean share some love. (Locke's dissing moments) (Chief hitting Locke with cold words) (HUNTtheTruth Exposed????)

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