Can Halo Catch Our Attention Once More?

September 09, 2015  
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If you’re a huge Halo fan like me, you must have been seriously disappointed with Halo 4. I thought the campaign was going to take place on Requiem the entire time and this evil, destructive being known as the Didact was going to make me wish I never disturbed his chambers. I was sadly mistaken as his “boss fight” lasted three seconds. And how did the Master Chief know Halsey was alive this whole time? It felt like an entire trilogy was put in a single game. Multiplayer at least was much better than Halo 3, with similar aspects from Halo Reach. I have been doing some research on the next game and I am hoping it will be as good as the first trilogy. Don’t get me wrong, there were things I enjoyed, such as Master Chief finally talking throughout the mission instead of just hearing Cortana or the Grunts running away terrified. I’m glad they added a few combat scenes when you’re able to hit certain buttons in order to punch an Elite in the face or the Didact. The new weapons with their powerful second abilities were enjoyable to use and it never got old using the incineration cannon…well until a Knight pulled one on me However, the fun ran out as Master Chief finds himself being saved by UNSC Infinity about three missions in, “fighting” the Didact, a mission not on a Halo ring but right next to one because what’s the point of a Halo game without an actual ring, and (spoilers if you haven’t played this game yet) Cortana dying.

What can we expect in the next game? Honestly, not a huge amount of information out about it. What we do know is Master Chief can be exploring six to eight planets with each having their own objectives and side missions. Enemies will consist of the old Covenant enemies-Brutes, Elites, Jackals, and the other wonderful creatures-and the Prometheans should be back once again in addition to the ginormous creature, aka the Forerunner War Sphinx seen in the teaser trailer. One new enemy type will be included no one would guess: humans. Insurrectionists have been around before the Covenant war began and appear to be stronger than ever (read Karen Travis’ newest trilogy). So while exploring a planet remember even when you’re facing a horde of Covenant and Promethean enemies, there will be humans wanting your helmet on a dish too. A teaser concept art photo posted on Twitter shows what appears to be a Covenant cruiser being used as shelter for a colony or breaking apart to create more dangerous technology for the UNSC. Above that cruiser is what appears to be either the UNSC Infinity or another ship ready to kick some alien teeth in.    

halo 5 concept art

Although having an open world Halo game does sound nice, I am worried this could ruin the franchise. Halo isn’t meant to be an open world game but more of a traditional first person shooter. However it would be interesting exploring an area of a planet and finding hidden Forerunner treasures. What about the story? Will the plot be more about Master Chief resurrecting Cortana or will it be based more about him finding new artifacts about the Forerunners? What about the friendly Flood? I would be happy not dealing with another Library mission, but the Flood have been part of this franchise since the beginning. In addition to the Flood, we can’t forget about the Arbiter and his band of Elites who helped destroy the Ark. Even with seeing there were Elites trying to eat our faces, will the Arbiter come back as an ally once more or will he join his brothers in eradicating the humans?

Besides the campaign, what’s going to change with multiplayer? Supposedly, multiplayer will consist with not just the normal 8-16 multiplayer matches, which will range from the original Slayer, Capture the Flag, Oddball, King of the Hill, Assault, but there’s rumor a Halo Battlefield will exist which could go up to a max of 64 players. If that is true, pray it won’t have problems like our wonderful friends at DICE are dealing with. I do hope this is going to be real because I have been waiting for Halo’s multiplayer to increase the max amount of players. Imagine the map Coagulation, as it was called in Halo 2, being filled 64 players, with tanks bombarding one another, and Banshees having sky battles. Or picture a Flood match occurring with 63 infected players going after a lonely Spartan. That actually sounds terrifying but I would certainly love to play that.

If you did enjoy Halo 4, then you’re more than likely not even worrying about the next game in this franchise. If you’re more like me, you are begging it won’t have any issues like Halo 4. Yes I am worried that if its open world it can either go smoothly or won’t fit well in this franchise. Multiplayer definitely is going in a better direction allowing up to 64 players in a match. Remember one thing: even if this game isn’t that great the Master Chief can always brighten your day with smashing a grunt’s back with his assault rifle. Be sure to watch E3 this year for 343 Industries said they have news on the next game. If you have any latest news or have an opinion, please comment below or add me on twitter @sargentmoses.

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Source: Picard, Chris: Halo 5 Round-Up, New Enemies, Vehicles, and Plot Updates!

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