5 TV Shows That Would Make Awesome Video Games

August 10, 2016  
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While many movies do get created into video games, not as many TV shows seem to get the same treatment. Today we are going to look at a few TV shows that would make great video games.

Genre: 3rd Person Sand Box Style Game

Supernatural is currently in its ninth season and millions of people all around the world love the adventures of Dean and Sam Winchester. A game based on Supernatural could be amazing. The best way for me would be to have an open world game where you play as ether Sam or Dean or both in co-op. You have one large story playing through the game just like in each series there is one huge storyline. But as well as this you could go around the map tackling different Supernatural cases just like they do on the TV show. Some would link into the main plot others would be their own standalone story.

The Big Bang Theory
Genre: Point & Click Adventure

There would be only one studio who could handle making a game based on the funny as hell sit com The Big Bang Theory and that is the guys at TellTale who handled Back To The Future and the Walking Dead. There is no great games based on sitcoms and I think that the comedy of The Big Bang Theory would lend itself really well to a point and click adventure. Especially if they could get all the cast to put their voices in the game. Each of the main characters could have their own little plot going on. Maybe you need to help Sheldon get a few more celebrity restraining orders from his collection. Or you need to get back a NASA robot that Howard has being using for rather "weird" things and he has now lost. TellTale without a doubt would come up with something amazing for a game based on The Big Bang Theory.

Ancient Aliens
Genre: Strategy Game

I am sure that this TV show from the History Channel may seem like a really odd choice to base a video game on, but hear me out. Ancient Aliens is about these people who are believers in the theory that aliens helped shape humanity back in ancient times. Well a video game based on this could see you play the role of one of the ancient aliens who has come to earth to try and help mankind evolve. You can do this by helping them use alien technology to build cities and teach them things to make them as a race smarter. A game like this would be a very unique take on the strategy game/god sim type genre.

Falling Skies
Genre: 3rd Person Shooter/Adventure Game

Falling Skies is sci-fi TV at its very best. Falling Skies is in many ways The Walking Dead, but with aliens instead of zombies. I think that this could make for a pretty cool shooter game. While you would have some fun 3rd person shooter action. You would also have to find items to make new weapons from. It would be fun to have to salvage alien technology in order to make new and powerful weapons. Falling Skies is a really story driven TV show as well as having a great deal of action. So I think that a Falling Skies video game could very well have the action of Gears Of War, the crafting of the Last Of Us and the story telling of The Walking Dead.

Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D
Genre: Action Game

Let's face it, this one is bound to be in the works somewhere. But I think Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D would have the opportunity to do something that no other Marvel game has been able to do. And that is set a game in a recognized Marvel universe with characters well all know and love and in some cases fear, but make us the player play as a regular human who has to find ways to work in this world where people with super powers is becoming the norm. The TV show may not be able to use Thor, Iron Man and Captain America to name a few, but the game would pretty much have free reign to use any of the Avengers characters.

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