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September 09, 2015  
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Halo-5_PreOrder_Poster_bonusLG.jpg Halo: Hey 343...don't ruin it again

After Halo 4, I thought my favorite series would be closing its doors. I wasn't impressed with the story (seriously...making Cortana and Master Chief’s relationship into a love story?). I was excited to have a Forerunner villain, but I still came out of the single player shrugging my shoulders. We're thrown into a game that felt as if an entire trilogy  were in one; Chief is found  on a unknown planet, the Covenant (sort of?) is back, a new enemy is introduced (which gets old, extremely fast), the UNSC finds the planet, the UNSC needs the Master Chief's help, they don't really help him, a Halo ring is thrown into the mix for two seconds and Chief saves Earth...again...yay. One feature I did appreciate was the multiplayer. I won’t lie, but they did kind of steal some aspects from COD, such as the ordinance drop, but whatever, I loved it. Please, just don't ever ask me how I felt about Spartan Ops. We (spoilers...but then again it's Halo 4, who cares?) are left off with a lonely, depressed Chief back on earth, waiting to “finish the fight” of a fight that never seems to finish. Halo 2: Anniversary gives us glimpses of UNSC and Covenant history via terminals and cut scenes. Furthermore, we see a brief moment between the latest character, Agent Lock, exchanging words with the Supreme Leader of the Elites, the Arbiter, on the hunt for the Master Chief. Maybe they need the Chief to show directions to a new solar system? Here are a few questions I have for the next game:


The Arbiter: Can he be trusted?

                Throughout the Halo franchise, the almighty Elites have been the protectors of the High Prophets. After the Covenant seeks the Brutes (apes on steroids), life on High Charity isn’t as perfect as it seems; a civil war occurs and everyone’s favorite friend the Flood join in. There is an alliance between the Arbiter and humans who support the fight against the diminishing Covenant in Halo 3. As we see in the next game, the Covenant is still at large but we notice Elites are back to their old game of "hunt the demon". I don't want to go into too many details as of why we see them supporting the Covenant once more, but read the latest novels from Karen Travis...except the last one…it’s filled with complete nonsense. Now going back to the Arbiter, I think he will betray the humans. Maybe it will not immediately happen, but I sense the Arbiter has committed a horrible act, betraying the Human/Sangehelli treaty. In one YouTube video the Arbiter is saying "How well do you know your friend, human? And what will you call me when you learn the truth of what I have done?” He could have Halsey locked away, secretly working with another high ranking Elite, known as Jul’Mdama. If memory serves, Halsey forms an alliance with Jul, seeking revenge after Sarah Palmer is ordered to execute her. She has one of two pieces of a Forerunner artifact known as the Janus Key; when both pieces are fused together, it will show the location of all Forerunner technology around the galaxy. If he has her, the Arbiter could be plotting on taking the technology into his hands before the humans do. Or, he could be supporting Locke in finding the Master Chief.

Ur-Didact_alive.PNGThe Didact: Dead? Alive? In Disney World?

On Requiem, we find the Didact, a high ranking commanding officer of the Forerunners. He is the one scanning Forward unto Dawn (it’s a noise your ears will love, well if you're into them bleeding). He is a force to be reckoned with, controlling the Promethean forces found on Requiem and having the resurfaced Covenant fleet worshiping him. He, no surprise, hates the humans. What should have been a memorable fight sequence turns out to be as short as Danny DeVito; Chief throws a plasma grenade in his chest, and he falls off the platform. If you've read Halo: Escalation, you find he is unfortunately not in Disney World but ready to fight the Chief once more, nearly killing him if it were not for-actually, my bad, I will not spoil. FYI, those comics are amazing. Anyways, hopefully he will be back. I enjoyed how all-powerful he was looked upon, basically using the force to lift Chief off a platform. The Didact could be in hiding, seeking out Jul’s forces and realizing he has a part of the Janus Key. If he gets his hands on the other piece, he will have every location of Forerunner technology, bringing him closer to getting his revenge on humanity. In hiding as well could be other Forerunners-maybe they too will make an entrance exactly the Librarian; out of thin air. What if there are Forerunners awaiting to be awoken, ready to join his fight? Another trilogy of books written by Greg Bear explains about another race before the Forerunners; the Precursors. The Didact may have knowledge of a Precursor that is alive, in a prison shell just as he was. Whether or not we see the Didact again, if there is a chance he does come back, I want a grudge match between him and the Chief; no guns, just fists.

mexican_master_chief_by_X7MercMan.pngOne is the loneliest number Chief, come back to us.

(I could not find a good picture at all...until this)

In the first ever teaser of Halo 5, we find a cloaked Master Chief, holding onto a data chip of what is most likely the remnant of Cortana. Why is he alone? And since he’s alone, is he on the edge of his seat, not having his partner watching his back? Yes, he is a Spartan but without Cortana, the Chief does not having anything to rely upon in battle except his own wits. That's not to say he couldn't do damage by himself. His lover-see what Halo 4 has done to me?! She was his eyes in the back of his head. He did propose an alternative to fix Cortana as he wanted to find Halsey in Halo 4 so does he go AWOL after realizing ONI attempted an execution on her? He’ll be shock to know she’s supporting the Elites, however. Or, the Librarian gave him a secretive mission to complete, to seek out other remaining Forerunners? Could that ginormous Forerunner/Promethean-like creature be the Chief’s mission? If so, the creature may be able to bring Cortana back (I doubt this) or will be a massive pain in his tush. And does the Chief know he’s being hunted by another Spartan? What I would've found interesting was if the Master Chief retired, commanding new Spartan troops, such as Agent Locke. Agent Locke would be on a mission to find Dr. Halsey and ONI steps right in,reversing his orders and making the Chief an enemy of Earth. This would then lead him to go missing, as he would have no other choice. Locke could be forced to be hunting Chief and gave the Arbiter false information on a crime(s) his ally committed. If it goes downhill, at least make the fight with Locke worthwhile.

These are a few questions that come to mind with the next installment. Let’s all sit around and pray that they can get the plot right and not make any more love stories for the Chief. Come by and give your idea of what you think could be happening and questions you need answered.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blW40AVWXrE (First glimpse of Chief being a lonely prick)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KQEhyGmY-8 (Arbiter showing he's about to go cray cray...yes I said cray cray)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp8Phzz3oCA (All Halo 2 Anniversary terminals)

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