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Not to be confused with commonly found Mesa Grande's, the Canis Mesa is the exclusive vehicle of Merryweather Security Consulting - an organization that continually rears its ugly head throughout Grand Theft Auto V's story. But there's a silver lining to their aggressive pursuit of our three protagonists during "The Wrap Up"; however, it should be noted that this may be the only way to acquire the Canis Mesa. So make sure you grab it towards the end of the mission! You can't miss it.

Canis Mesa

Declasse Tornado (Mariachi Version)

It's not just any ordinary Declasse Tornado - this one comes equipped with Mariachi guitars, a sombrero and a Mexican flag! It can be found during the Strangers and Freaks mission, "The Civil Border Patrol" or can simply be acquired from the Discount Store's parking lot situated along the Zancudo River. Lucky for you, the Mariachi standing right beside the car isn't strapped.

Declasse Tornado

Elegy RH8

If this tuner doesn't look familiar, then you most likely didn't buy the Collector's Edition. Shame on you! But if you did, stop by your Pillbox Hill Garage and press right on the directional pad. There she'll be.

Elegy RH8


Just like the aforementioned, the Hotknife is exclusive to the Collector's Edition. I know, I know - don't shoot the messenger!


HVY Dump

Calling this a car would be a stretch, so we'll label it as an honorable mention. Nonetheless, it generated quite a bit of excitement during those pre-release leaks of the game - and rightfully so. Just look at its size compared to that of the Rhino tank! It can be found in Davis Quartz, right beside Offroad Moto/ATV Race 2/4. 

HVY Dump

Nagasaki Blazer

And while we're on the subject of honorable mentions, we might as well throw the Nagasaki Blazer into the mix as well. Part crotch rocket, part muscle - Combine it to make the ultimate crotch muscle! Wait, that didn't sound right. Once you beat the game, you should get a call from Ron notifying you that its just outside Trevor's trailer in Sandy Shores. 

Nagasaki Blazer

Police Prison Bus

Rumor has it there's a serial killer on the loose in San Andreas. If you've been looking for him, don't do so in this thing. Felons aren't known to have a proclivity towards it. To find this, you'll need to break into the Bolingbroke Penitentiary and make your way to the back of the compound where it, and a whole bunch of angry correctional officers will be waiting.

Police Prison Bus

Space Docker

The Millennium Falcon's got nothing on the Space Docker! This Dune Buggy is equipped with blue neon, green headlights and some out-of-this world honking tones. You'll need to collect all 50 Spaceship Parts, but it's totally worth it! I mean, just look at that thing! Seeing truly is believing. 

Space Docker

Truffade Z-Type

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't consider any of the purchasable cars from the in-game web browser to be rare (after all, you can purchase them with the press of a button!), but the Z-Type is certainly the exception. Why? Because it costs $10,000,000. That's $7,000,000 more than the second most expensive vehicle - the Rhino Tank, which costs a measly $3,000,000 in comparison. And yes - I painted mine pink. #DealWithIt

Truffade Z-Type

by jasondelacey     August 10, 2016    

With Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Grand Theft Auto being currently enjoyed by millions of gamers all round, many of whom are younger than the recommended age. It got me thinking about the age rating system that video games have and how it really is not let's just say, "respected" as the movie age rating system is.

Now I am from the UK, but most countries do have a similar age rating system when it comes to video games. I grew up in the 80's so video games have pretty much been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I vividly remember having to get my dad to go to the counter to buy Mortal Kombat II when it was first released as here in the UK you had to be 15. My dad did not bat an eye lid. His generation did not have video games like this. To him it was just a "dumb" video game and I am not sure he knew why he had to be the one to buy it from the store. The generation my dad was from just saw video games as some kind of toy.

But now in 2013 where some of us gamers now have kids of our own who play video games the video game age rating system seems to have not much more of an impact than it did back then. Yes, the games themselves have larger age ratings on the front of the box. Going back to Mortal Kombat II, that age rating was hidden on the back of the box. Whereas now a game like Call Of Duty will have a big 18 (or whatever your countries alternative is) sticker on the front of the box. Retailers are much more strict now when it comes to selling games to minors, but they do still slip through the cracks. As there was countless stories of kids being able to go into stores and picking up a copy of Grand Theft Auto V. This though is down to educating the people who work in these stores more than anything else.

Now in 2013 I feel that it is up to the parents more than anything else to regulate what their kids are playing. I am not a person to tell someone else how to raise their kids, but no child of say 12 years old should be playing Grand Theft Auto V or Call Of Duty. In terms of Call Of Duty for me as a 31 year old guy I should be able to play a game that is aimed at adults online without having to deal with kids who should not be playing the game anyway. And yes I am aware of how hypocritical it is of me, the guy who got his dad to buy him Mortal Kombat II to be saying this.


I do not think that the game companies really care about who buys there game. After all a sale is a sale and if a mom wants to buy her 13 year old son Grand Theft Auto then that is her decision. But one thing that is odd is the way that some of these mature rated games are clearly aimed at kids. There is a Call Of Duty commercial for example that actually has a kid talking about how amazing the game is. If the game is rated mature why do you have a kid talking about it in the commercial?

At the end of the day it's down to the parents if they want to buy a game that is clearly inappropriate for their kids. What bugs me is when a parent buys a game like Grand Theft Auto V for her kid and then has the nerve to complain about its content.


by Sargentmoses     August 10, 2016    

New York Comic-Con has been a part of my life for the past four years, soon to be five. My experience there changes each year, meeting old and new faces, and even some celebrities. I will never forget the moment I met Blair Butler, who previously worked for X-play  and Attack of the Show, asking me to do a short video about cosplayers. Jason Mewes hosted the interview, asking myself and another man dressed as Wonder Woman who wore it best. I tried my best but I couldn't pull it off; as you can tell in the cover photo, he clearly won. As my girlfriend tells me, I am a attention seeker…which may be true; after all I did dress as Wonder Woman my first year (I will have pictures below the page). If you haven’t experienced Comic-Con yet (or was not able to get your tickets due to their beautiful queue system for the past two years) here are a few things you’ll be missing out on.

The Javits Center: Home to the Nerds  

  New York Comic-Con has been growing each year, with thousands of comic-book readers, gamers, cosplayers, and many more nerds joining the four day adventure. The first time I walked into the Javits Center, I was completely stunned by how large the place was. I had no idea where to even begin. There was cosplayers left and right, most dressed in costumes I didn't recognize. I love walking around and taking pictures with everyone I can. I haven't ventured in the panels holding cast members from t.v. shows/ movies yet, but I have taking a few...interesting poses with some actors/writers. You'll never be bored in this place; every few steps you take, you'll find something new to explore.

Well...I do get with Batman...right?

The Cosplayers

  What killed the Dinosaurs? The Iceage!!!I love being in costume (as you can see) every year at Comic-Con. I will girlfriend is right, I love when people ask for my photo. I have an amazing time when I have to stop to "strike a pose." Last year was fantastic; I was the Nurse Joker, and no one knew about my plastic knife I had hidden in my hand. I would have my thumb holding the blade in the holster and when it was time for the Joker to shine, I let go of the blade, having it pop out. The victims-I mean photographers' faces were indeed priceless. You'll be taken away by the folks who make all of their costumes from scratch, such as the man I'm posed with as Mr. Freeze. If I had the patience and time, I would be able to create my own costume one year. I will say that my dad actually helped make styrofoam breast for me when I was Wonder-Woman. Thank God my parents get into this with me. Explore the Javits center and you'll definitely run into your favorite hero and/or villain.

Comics and gear-buy all the comics!!!

     Save your money folks, because you will find sections on every floor selling comics and other gifts for discounted prices. I found a couple myself, getting a graphic novel for fifteen dollars when it's usually thirty-five. Besides great deals on comics, there's accessories, t-shirts, pants, toys, games, and anything you can think of nerdy to can find! Midtown Comics has a small section for themselves and there's always employees giving out coupons. Each year I spend a decent amount of cash, but I come home with a great grin on my face. Oh, did I mention there are tons of things that are free? I was able to get a free t-shirt, poster, bag, and some other accessories throughout the days. If you see something free, get your hands on it!!!!!

You can easily afford this bad-boy we come!

This lovely mermanlady is a genius You will find an abundance of actors/actresses, voice actors, writers, and directors at NYCC each year. I had the chance to meet a few, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Blair Herter, and Kristin Bauer from True Blood. My cousin was lucky enough to meet Stephen Amell from Arrow. You, too can meet these names and many more in panels and events throughout the day. If you do decide to stay in the theaters, be warned, once you leave the room, you will not be able to come back in. I tried desperately to meet the cast from The Walking Dead but the line was a bit crowded and I was having too much fun taking pictures anyways. You can also go on the NYCC website to see what celebrities come each year and where they will be stationed at. I had the chance to meet an amazing writer named Jerome Walford. He has written Nowhere Man, about a character who has a split personality disorder, becoming a government agent with unbelievable power. It's worth a read! Jerome was very nice and took pictures with me (hopefully I didn't scare him away for the next event).


Come Join the fun!!!!!!!

I love Comic-Con and every year brings more laughs and memorable moments. Well, minus the ridiculous queue that has tortured us, making it difficult to get tickets nowadays. There is hope, as you can stop by Midtown Comics near Times Square and get your tickets but do this quickly; you might have to wait outside for a few hours the day they go on sale. Hopefully they will make it easy for newcomers to take a wild, nerdy journey for four days. Take a few days off in October and let the nerd out!!! Here are a few more pictures I took:


 Kill the batman...completed  He has nothing on The Demon Head



Blair Butler!!!! here you can find Nowhere Man

by jasondelacey     August 10, 2016    

While many movies do get created into video games, not as many TV shows seem to get the same treatment. Today we are going to look at a few TV shows that would make great video games.

Genre: 3rd Person Sand Box Style Game

Supernatural is currently in its ninth season and millions of people all around the world love the adventures of Dean and Sam Winchester. A game based on Supernatural could be amazing. The best way for me would be to have an open world game where you play as ether Sam or Dean or both in co-op. You have one large story playing through the game just like in each series there is one huge storyline. But as well as this you could go around the map tackling different Supernatural cases just like they do on the TV show. Some would link into the main plot others would be their own standalone story.

The Big Bang Theory
Genre: Point & Click Adventure

There would be only one studio who could handle making a game based on the funny as hell sit com The Big Bang Theory and that is the guys at TellTale who handled Back To The Future and the Walking Dead. There is no great games based on sitcoms and I think that the comedy of The Big Bang Theory would lend itself really well to a point and click adventure. Especially if they could get all the cast to put their voices in the game. Each of the main characters could have their own little plot going on. Maybe you need to help Sheldon get a few more celebrity restraining orders from his collection. Or you need to get back a NASA robot that Howard has being using for rather "weird" things and he has now lost. TellTale without a doubt would come up with something amazing for a game based on The Big Bang Theory.

Ancient Aliens
Genre: Strategy Game

I am sure that this TV show from the History Channel may seem like a really odd choice to base a video game on, but hear me out. Ancient Aliens is about these people who are believers in the theory that aliens helped shape humanity back in ancient times. Well a video game based on this could see you play the role of one of the ancient aliens who has come to earth to try and help mankind evolve. You can do this by helping them use alien technology to build cities and teach them things to make them as a race smarter. A game like this would be a very unique take on the strategy game/god sim type genre.

Falling Skies
Genre: 3rd Person Shooter/Adventure Game

Falling Skies is sci-fi TV at its very best. Falling Skies is in many ways The Walking Dead, but with aliens instead of zombies. I think that this could make for a pretty cool shooter game. While you would have some fun 3rd person shooter action. You would also have to find items to make new weapons from. It would be fun to have to salvage alien technology in order to make new and powerful weapons. Falling Skies is a really story driven TV show as well as having a great deal of action. So I think that a Falling Skies video game could very well have the action of Gears Of War, the crafting of the Last Of Us and the story telling of The Walking Dead.

Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D
Genre: Action Game

Let's face it, this one is bound to be in the works somewhere. But I think Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D would have the opportunity to do something that no other Marvel game has been able to do. And that is set a game in a recognized Marvel universe with characters well all know and love and in some cases fear, but make us the player play as a regular human who has to find ways to work in this world where people with super powers is becoming the norm. The TV show may not be able to use Thor, Iron Man and Captain America to name a few, but the game would pretty much have free reign to use any of the Avengers characters.

by HebrewHammer     August 10, 2016    


I didn't even care that these studios weren't looking for CM's - I just wanted in, somewhere. But after hearing back from none of the aforementioned, desperation hit. I started incentivizing studios I had never heard of by offering to work as a pro bono intern. "What do you have to lose?" was the subject of every email I sent. And eventually, one took the bait and hired me. I won't say which one, but with very little effort you could easily find that out on your own.

I finally made it! I was actually an employee within the video game industry. An unpaid employee, but an employee nonetheless. And to make matters even better, the studio gave me complete authority over all our existing community outreach channels. And it certainly didn't hurt that the team consisted entirely of very nice people - real salt of the earth types. But there was one problem that became painfully clear to me almost immediately: we weren't making the games we wanted to make. Instead, we focused our time and energy on what was most financially viable. We didn't make games for gamers, but for potentially untapped demographics with immeasurable revenue streams. We even conceptualized a Kickstarter with a pledge goal in mind before knowing what type of game we were actually going to pitch. And if you're wondering, the desired amount of money for said Kickstarter was ludicrous.

Was I missing something? "Is this how every studio operates?" I asked myself. For months, I assumed this to be the way of the industry. That is, until I went to PAX last weekend.

PAX 2013 was the first dedicated video game convention I ever attended. I've always wanted to go, really! But each year, I assessed the pros and cons of booking a trip, and each year I opted out due to those inescapable lines of people between me and the games I wanted to play.

The irony is, those people soon became the highlight of my trip. Not the games.

In just a matter of hours after my plane touched down in Seattle, I had met some of the most incredible people this industry has to offer. I ran into Greg Miller at Sucker Punch Productions, who admittedly, I've met before. But the man is more synonymous with PlayStation than Shuhei Yoshida, so I'm starstruck every time I see him. I met Mitch Dyer, who I've written to on numerous occasions in an effort to get my studios' games covered on IGN, but to no avail. And I certainly can't say I blame him either. I sat next to Maxwell McGee on the bus, and picked his brain about the WiiU's uphill climb this generation (spoiler alert: he says it's a long and arduous one). I shook the hand of inFAMOUS: Second Son developer Jason Connell, who told me all about the intricacies of creating the most sought after PS4 game at the moment. I followed MaxLevel's Malik around the show floor, who introduced me to all the people who had helped him climb that ever elusive game industry ladder. And his roommate was a fellow cast member on The Tester: Season 3 - Akilleez Might! Such a small world, isn't it? I exchanged Twitter handles with Amie Lynn and had a few run-ins with the Radio PlayStation team. Who, by the way, are awesome additions to any The Last of Us multiplayer team. I yelled "Hey Ash, watcha playin'?!" at Ashly Burch, and insisted that Anthony Burch write Borderlands 3. I saw Shawn Chatfield lurking around the Nintendo booth, looking like a total creep. I told Arne Meyer that he's an inspiration. I reminisced with Shane Bettenhausen about the 1UP Show. And Sid Shuman handed me a Resistance: Fall of Man jacket at the PlayStation Blog panel.

But none of that prepared me for Teshigi Smith.

That name shouldn't be familiar to you. He's not a renowned journalist, nor is he a game developer with celebrity status. He's just an 18 year old kid who was cosplaying as Deslin on the show floor. But he was so thrilled to meet me! How great is that? I was his Greg Miller, if you will. But it wasn't until after we parted ways that it dawned on me. Would Teshigi still be my fan if he knew about the games I was working on? Would I still be someone worth looking up to? I think I knew the answer. And that's why I wrote what would be the last email ever addressed to my boss.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do next, or where I'm going to go. But whatever it is, I'm going to make damn sure that the only motive behind it is to make a great game.

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