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Infamous Second Son Review

Infamous Second Son follows a delinquent hero (or anti-hero) as he journeys to Seattle in search for more powers. Delsin Rowe is quite the character, constantly spitting comical one-liners while trying to keep his cool. Though I did get a kick out of the main character and his accomplices for the most part, there are many weak points that need to be addressed. For instance; some of the dialogue can come off as extremely cheesy, which can become a disconnect when you are trying to become invested in the characters. This, in turn, makes the characters feel a bit two dimensional, despite the great work that was put into their character models.

The story has some nice moments, but never really establishes itself as something unique. The moral choices follow the same vein of the original inFamous games, which are very black and white; either you're very nice or you are a complete jerk. This makes the game worth going through a full two times to see the consequences of your actions, but doesn't add for much more replay value beyond that.

Visually, the game is stunning. Starting the game up for the first time is an absolute treat, and there were plenty of moments that had me staring in awe at the technical marvel that Sucker Punch has achieved. Not only does the game look beautiful, but it runs like a dream, even when there is a lot of on screen action taking place. Particle effects, lighting, texture work, and animation are all extremely well done and help sell the world that Delsin inhabits. This is easily the best technical showcase of what the PS4 is capable of, so far.

When it comes to sound effects in Second Son, it can be a mixed bag. While the super powers, music, and some of the voice acting are top notch (Troy Baker plays Delsin), there are some very out of place comments from civilians roaming the streets. These can range from funny to absolutely dumb. Also, as I mentioned earlier, there can be some cheesy dialogue delivered by the hero and other main characters throughout the campaign.

Infamous Second Son makes you feel like you're controlling a superhero. The powers Delsin acquires throughout the game are quite interesting. I won't name them to avoid any potential spoilers, but I will say that they are a blast to use. In addition to making combat varied and enjoyable, the different power sets also allow you to traverse the environment in different ways. Getting around never feels like a chore, it's actually pretty fun. Since most of your time is spent traveling and engaging in combat, it is nice to have a solid system that supports both of these features.

Even though inFamous Second Son's story abandons most of the comic book roots, it still has a moderately engaging story worth checking out. In the end, the game play is what matters most in a superhero game, and Sucker Punch hit the ball out of the park on that front. InFamous Second Son is worth at least one play through (two if you have the time). If you enjoy superheroes, open world games, or the previous inFamous titles, this is definitely worthy of your time.

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