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Don't Starve PS4 Edition

It's fair to say that in the early days of the Playstation 4 that indie game Don't Starve is probably the biggest game to be available to Playstation Plus subscribers. The game has been enjoyed by PC gamers for a while now, but the Playstation 4 would be the first console to get in on the action. So far the game has been on the end of some pretty mixed reviews.

I love the way that Don't Starve looks. When you first fire the game up you could be forgiven for thinking that it is based on a Tim Burton movie. It has a kind of Nightmare Before Christmas/Edward Scissorhands look to it. Which I really loved, and the look of the game certainly kept me hooked longer that the game play did. I know that some Playstation 4 owners might think that this is a game that could have been on the Playstation 3, and to be honest I would have to agree with that, but that does not mean this is not a great looking game. You do not need to have ultra realistic people in games for it to be nice looking.

Oh man how I really wanted to love this game. I must have put in about five hours more into this game than I would have had it not looked the way that it does. But Don't Starve to me no matter how hard I try is just not much fun. It's not terrible, broken or anything like that it's just kind of boring. I have heard some say that this is the kind of game you would like if you were into Minecraft. Well I do not really get Minecraft so maybe that is why I am not having much fun with it.

The "story" of Don't Starve is that you have fallen into this eerie, but very cool looking underworld type place. You need to find and craft items in order to survive the night. And that is pretty much all there is to it. Your only goal is to survive until the next day, and go out foraging for stuff to make things with, and eat. One little bit of advice I will give you guys is that make sure one of the first things you do is to be able to make fire. If you do not have a fire by the time night comes then it is game over my friends. You do this over and over, and I understand that for some people this is really fun, and that finding various items that can make new weapons or whatever is the fun, but to me it's just really tedious in pretty much every way.

The game has zero control issues, and while it has been ported from a PC version Don't Starve plays well enough with the Playstation 4 controller. If you are a gamer who likes things like Minecraft then I am sure you will have a blast with Don't Starve, but as much as I wanted to like this game, and as many hours I put into it. Don't Starve is a game that is just not for me.

Pros and Cons

Tim Burton Style Graphics
Kind Of A Dark And Moody Version Of Minecraft
You Do The Same Thing Over And Over Again
Game Looks Cool, But Lacks A Great Story
Kind Of Boring
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