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  • gothixmodel

    My names Vanessa, im very new to the steaming world but a veteran to the gaming universe. The first video game I ever played was Punch Out on classic Nintendo (still suck at fighting games) but now you can catch me on any PS console usually playing shooters, action, RPG..and if you really want to see me flip my shit, puzzle games. I SUCK at them but im too competative for my own good... check me out on twitch & Instagram @ gothixmodel
  • DCGamerX2099

    My names Darian A.K.A DCGamerX . I've started playing Video Games in 1992 starting with the NES and Loved gaming ever since. I recently Started Using Twitch and YouTube to stream Old/new school games I have Not only for me but for everyone to watch as my Gaming adventures.
  • Badguychris

    Hello, my name is Chris and I started streaming at the beginning of January 2014. I’m here to meet new people and play the games I enjoy. I’m not a streamer that focuses on one game, I like variety. I invite my viewers to play with me on my stream on some games.
  • gothixmodel
  • DCGamerX2099
  • Badguychris

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